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  • 30 March, 2017

Is there something you have done in your lifetime you would like to do just one more time? 

Is there something you haven’t done that you always wished you had?

Those are two questions that we posed to patients, and if we could make it happen for them we will, through a program called Second Wind Dreams.  Regency’s entire staff including our hospice care consultant, nurses, certified nursing assistants, social workers, chaplains, physicians, volunteers, SWD board members, patients and their families help make dreams come true.

Second Wind Dreams® founded in 1997, derived its name from a novel of the same name by P.K. Beville, a geriatric specialist who wrote about the wonderful, colorful and sometimes hysterical people who live and work in nursing homes.

The program  was brought to Regency Hiawassee in 2009 and was the only hospice participating in the program in the northeast Georgia area. The mission of the program is to grant a dream to those living in eldercare communities or in hospice care.

Since beginning the program, it has provided opportunities for a 100 year old woman to graduate high school, a guitar player to enjoy playing with his band from his youth, and a couple to wed.  Also  a former teen synchronized swimmer found that in her 80’s she could still master swimming and a young cancer mom see her teen daughter learn how to ski.  Whether it was a trip to the beach for a young woman and her family, or a grandfather live his dream of flying for the first time; over a 100 dreams have been fulfilled in Northeast Georgia.

The Second Wind Dream board work to use resources and community ideas to make dreams happen and each results in healing of our patients.  The healing may not be of a physical nature but emotionally and spiritually everyone is profoundly touched by the power of realizing a dream.

Volunteers are welcome in the community to be on the Second Wind Dream board and encouraged to be part of the experience.

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