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Sports Injuries: Treatment & Prevention

Sports injury is the most common reason for physical therapy in young athletes. Broken bones, fractures, and concussions are common athletic injuries that require the care of a physical therapist. Strains, Sprains, and Bruises You see them more in contact sports but, muscle strains, ligament sprains, and bruises can happen in any type of activity. These acute injuries lead to swelling, limited mobility, and pain - which may not go away on their own. Things like hamstring strains, ankle sprains, or bone bruises on the knee are helped by PT. Manual therapy helps restore normal range of motion and reduce READ MORE >>

Sports Injuries: Treatment & Prevention2021-11-24T10:11:13-05:00

4 expert tips to protect yourself from credit scams

While credit scams have been around forever, they've recently exploded in number. According to Mint, from 2019 to 2020, the number of identity theft reports went up by 113% and the number of reports of identity theft by credit cards increased by 44.6%. The amount of fraud by new credit card accounts saw a 48% increase from 2019. As more information is digital today, on top of the increase in health and financial stressors, scams designed to access your credit accounts or personal information are on the rise. Having financial or credit accounts hacked can have long-lasting implications, beyond financial READ MORE >>

4 expert tips to protect yourself from credit scams2021-11-23T18:24:20-05:00

How to enjoy the holidays without overloading your New Year’s resolutions

Face it, everyone's done it - abandoned wellness goals over the holidays, hoping to make up for it with New Year's resolutions. According to a recent study, half of Americans have broken a diet due to the holidays. In the fifth annual "Writing Off the End of the Year" survey, commissioned by Herbalife Nutrition, the average respondent expects to gain eight pounds over the holiday season. But most aren't worrying about the weight gain, and instead plan on enjoying the season without sticking to their diets. What's their solution? More than 60% say they will wait till the new year, READ MORE >>

How to enjoy the holidays without overloading your New Year’s resolutions2021-11-23T18:20:28-05:00

3 emerging design trends for today’s lifestyles

Events from the past year have all of us reconsidering what we want and need out of our homes. From work and play to wellness, our homes have become the epicenter of, well, everything - leading to an emergence of design trends focused on adapting to a new normal. The design experts at Wilsonart, a world-leading provider of engineered surfaces, have identified three new lifestyle trends that are affecting lasting design changes. 1. Back to Nature It's no secret that nature has the power to inspire, invigorate, restore and refresh. Research has shown that interacting with nature can offer mental READ MORE >>

3 emerging design trends for today’s lifestyles2021-11-23T18:18:17-05:00

7 Tips For Savvy Health Insurance Shopping

Our health needs can change each year, and so can health plan coverage choices. So it's important to understand your health care options to find coverage that fits your needs and budget. Annual or open enrollment season is here, a time when millions of Americans across the country will have the opportunity to select or switch their health insurance plan for the coming year. For people with employer-provided coverage, open enrollment typically occurs within a two-week period between October and December. Those eligible for Medicare can enroll or make changes to their coverage from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7. For READ MORE >>

7 Tips For Savvy Health Insurance Shopping2021-11-23T18:10:40-05:00

2022 Fitness Trends

In adjusting to the constraints of the pandemic, many Americans had to improvise where and how they work out. After months of adapting to a "gym anywhere" mentality and learning to accommodate more flexible workout schedules, this new fitness mindset is inspiring some larger trends for healthier living. "We've learned that wellness is not one-size fits all, and that it's achieved by small habits like regular hydration that can really impact how you feel throughout the day," said celebrity fitness trainer Harley Pasternak, MsC. "Collectively, nourishing both body and mind together as one makes holistic health a sustainable lifestyle." Pasternak READ MORE >>

2022 Fitness Trends2021-11-23T18:08:31-05:00

Add Grapes to Your Holiday Gatherings

Add a special touch this holiday season with simple yet stunning small plates that add beauty and flavor to gatherings with friends and family. Available into January, California grapes offer a way to make the season special as an ingredient in your favorite recipes or as decoration for a festive centerpiece. Pops of red, green and black provide a seasonal touch and they’re perfect as an easy, fresh, healthy snack. Plus, you can dip grapes in nut butter and finish with coatings of coconut, dark chocolate and almonds to make these Peanut Butter Grape Bites for a holiday treat that’s READ MORE >>

Add Grapes to Your Holiday Gatherings2021-11-23T18:06:27-05:00
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