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Skin Cancer Prevention

Summer 2022 is finally here and many of us have never anticipated a season more in our lives. Coronavirus numbers are finally down, and many have protected themselves with the COVID vaccine which makes it safer to get back to vacations, social gatherings, cook outs and the lake! Since we are venturing back into the glorious sun, we could all use a reminder about preventing sunburns from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. I commonly hear about “getting that first sunburn of the summer” but just 5 sunburns double your risk for skin cancer. Prolonged direct UV ray exposure is by READ MORE >>

Skin Cancer Prevention2022-05-18T18:21:00-04:00

How to Choose Quality Vitamins and Supplements

More than half of Americans take an over-the-counter vitamin or dietary supplement, but many may not realize that the quality of these products can vary greatly. Because supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration like other medicines, not all are quality products. When choosing a vitamin or other supplement, checking for independent verification can help ensure quality. A recent study in the "Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine" found that the amount of actual melatonin in 71% of supplements is off by a 10% margin, meaning that labels of many melatonin substances do not accurately reflect how much READ MORE >>

How to Choose Quality Vitamins and Supplements2022-05-18T15:13:42-04:00

Your weekend, your time: 5 great tips for shaking the Sunday blues

Do you sometimes find yourself feeling less than optimistic as your weekend draws to a close each Sunday? If so, you're far from alone. Stats recently published on Inc.com indicate 81% of workers have experienced the "Sunday scaries" in anticipation of the work week ahead. Still, it's important to fend off those encroaching feelings and preserve the quality of your Sunday afternoon, since weekends are generally intended to help people relax, rejuvenate and enjoy time with family and friends. In that spirit, here are five suggestions to help energize your Sunday. Be intentional about weekend plans. Plan ahead so you READ MORE >>

Your weekend, your time: 5 great tips for shaking the Sunday blues2022-05-18T15:12:15-04:00

How movement can spark connections and help manage osteoarthritis pain

If you're coping with pain, such as joint pain caused by osteoarthritis (OA), you may feel like you've been sitting out on life. Pain can make you reluctant to participate in activities that you enjoy and miss out on connecting with those you love. But experts will tell you that if you can move, even just a little more than you do now, you will reap benefits well beyond the physical. "Movement is not just a powerful and effective tool for pain management," says personal trainer Pete McCall, NASM-CPT, PES, and Voltaren spokesperson. "Movement also brings people together. Getting out READ MORE >>

How movement can spark connections and help manage osteoarthritis pain2022-05-18T15:10:18-04:00

How to Find the Right Doctor

Whether you're rarely sick or have conditions that require frequent visits to the doctor, having a trusted and skilled health care provider is an important step in protecting your health. Any number of reasons can result in needing to find a new doctor, such as moving to a new community, changes to your insurance, your old doctor retiring or needing a specialist. These suggestions from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) can help you be more efficient and thorough as you look for a doctor who is right for you. Ask for Recommendations Talk to people you know READ MORE >>

How to Find the Right Doctor2022-05-18T15:08:06-04:00

Dine Outdoors with Delicious Plant-Forward Dishes

As rays of sunshine light up backyards and patios, many families take their meals outdoors to enjoy the warm weather while sharing special moments together. More time spent eating meals on the deck or patio calls for recipes that fit your al fresco theme from plant-forward takes on traditional summer fare to platters and spreads that offer everyone something to smile about. For a unique twist on the classic backyard burger, prepare fresh Falafel Burgers with Cucumber Sauce that provide a plant-based way to emphasize nutrition at the center of your plate. As a trendy way to rethink summer cooking, READ MORE >>

Dine Outdoors with Delicious Plant-Forward Dishes2022-05-18T15:05:50-04:00

3 ways to make your oral care routine more sustainable

More people are looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of everyday habits and actions, and some companies are helping them do just that. Did you know sustainability actions can include your oral care habits and the oral care products you use daily, like your toothbrush and toothpaste tubes? Crest and Oral-B have been working on developing sustainable solutions from improving their product designs to responsible manufacturing using 100% purchased renewable electricity. In order to help less plastic material waste go to landfills and find innovative solutions, the Crest and Oral-B Recycle On Us program recycles your oral care READ MORE >>

3 ways to make your oral care routine more sustainable2022-05-18T15:03:25-04:00

Less Stress with Adaptogens

Life is full of stressors that are often impossible to avoid. From deadlines to that pile of bills to our endless to-do lists. It’s no wonder we feel stressed out much of the time. You might have trouble sleeping, find it difficult to focus, or suffer from recurring digestive issues. That’s because non-stop stress can take a toll on your emotional, mental and physical health. When you are stressed, an alarm system is activated. Adrenaline and cortisol production is increased to help you escape danger. Once the threat has passed, the alarm quiets, your hormones normalize, and you return to READ MORE >>

Less Stress with Adaptogens2022-05-18T15:00:58-04:00


People with arthritis often benefit from physical therapy. Our physical therapists can teach you how to work out stiffness without further damaging your joints. Physical therapy is useful after an injury, such as from a fall, and after joint surgery, especially for artificial joint replacement. If you’ve been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in your knee, hip, shoulder, or other joints, you probably want to know how to relieve your joint pain. To achieve these goals, our physical therapists may combine some strategies such as: Maintain or Increase Joint Range of Motion Osteoarthritis can make a joint stiff. Physical therapy can improve READ MORE >>


Self Care

Everyone gets stressed at times, and un-fortunately, the past few years have brought an extra, significant stressor to us in COVID 19. It is very easy to get caught up in all of the respons-ibilities and daily tasks that have to be done each day. However, when those things start to build up, it can become overwhelming. There is often a misconception that it is best to just push through and get everything done while pushing self-care to the side. People often push self-care to the side due to focusing on all the things that need to be done for READ MORE >>

Self Care2022-03-19T19:18:20-04:00
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