Feet, knees or hips hurt? A Big Problem as we Age!

  • 29 March, 2019

Do you have a tendency to ignore your feet? With 28 movable bones in each foot, what happens when your feet are out of alignment? This can cause trauma that goes to other parts of the body and brain and often is missed when looking for why you have pain or disfunction.

When you look at how the feet support your body everyday in all the activities of walking, standing, twisting, going up stairs and navigating uneven ground, you begin to see how important they are. What happens if for 40 or 50 years you have been coming down on a foot incorrectly? The tissues of the knees and hips gradually wear away and can result in knee or hip replacements. Is there a way to see how your feet are affecting the rest of your body? YES!
Here are a few things you can do to first see if you have foot issues and second what can you do to correct the problems.

1. Scan your feet with a special computer to determine if your feet are causing a twist in your spine, knees, hips. You can see if you are placing more weight on one foot, your arch is collapsing or your ankles allow your feet to roll in or out.

2. Another type of computer scan that indicates what this imbalance has done to your brain, organs, spine, acupuncture system or even your teeth. Bet you never thought your feet could impact all those parts of your body! The reports you get from the scan help to determine the treatments that would best help your particular problem.

Now what are some treatments that may help you?

1. Therapeutic massage can release muscle spasms in your feet that telescope to other parts of your body. Deep tissue, Myofacial Release are a couple of massage techniques to look for.

2. Acupressure can help to re-educate and rebalance the old faulty patterns of injuries and poor support. Specialized treatment is given with knowledge gained from the above scans and the use of kinesiology. You are even taught how to do some self-acupressure.

3. The most forgotten part of solving your issues is your very own computer – the brain. Your brain has to know where your feet are so you don’t fall or twist with each step. It is critical to upgrade your computer with the new information of how you have changed the acupuncture system, the muscles and facia information given to every
cell in your body is a big upgrade called Cranial Therapy.

4. Science has just provided a new technology in socks and arch supports that help make these changes, alleviate pain, improves balance and has actually proven to change the part of the brain (the brain stem) that controls all your automatic functions in the body.

Now you can get busy finding out how to correct your issues by checking out some of these ideas.

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