Here are 5 reasons to make better health and fitness your resolution for 2019!

  • 29 November, 2018

The New Year is right around the corner!
And now comes the time for resolutions.

We all do it, start the year with the best of intentions. But rather than intend on keeping a dozen different resolutions, why not focus on one- your health?

Blood flow
Getting the blood flowing is essential for oxygenating the blood, removing waste products, and bringing nutrients to your cells. The heart naturally responds to exercise by pumping a bit faster and stronger, and like every muscle, your heart gets stronger when you make it work. When exercising, not only do you have a need for more oxygen and nutrition at a cellular level, you also produce more cellular toxins that need to be removed.

Side note: Stay hydrated (older adults are 10xs more likely to become dehydrated), and you will help your heart move blood easier, and nourish your body.

Brain food and mental health
In addition to bringing nutrition and oxygen to the brain, exercise can aid in cognitive function, reduce depression symptoms, and research has shown that it can help slow down dementia by increasing brain metabolism.

For the record: not all dementia is Alzheimer’s. In fact, certain types can be transient and caused by several different things like diabetes, poor nutrition, and reactions to prescription drugs. However, exercise, particularly the type that gets the heart pumping can be truly beneficial for the brain.

Oxygen capacity
Our lungs are fully grown by the time we are in our mid-twenties, by 30 without regularly challenging lung capacity through exercise, we start to see a decline in lung function. By 60 or 70, it is common to get winded easier and notice a decrease in stamina and performance. If you have been a smoker, this is even more pronounced.

By introducing or maintaining aerobic exercise, typically in the 60-70% range of maximum heart rate (brisk walking for most folks), you will maintain lung volume, and increase stamina. If you add breathing exercises into your daily routine, you can even increase your lung capacity and breathe a bit easier and longer.

One of the biggest fears of getting older is the potential for falls. Exercising regularly and moving as we were intending can help by encouraging natural balancing behaviors like core tightening, head tilt and turning, and stride length. And if you SHOULD fall, with increase mobility, balance and body awareness, you will be more likely to get yourself up and/or recover from your injuries.

Bone density
By adding weight bearing or strengthening exercises, you encourage the body to retain its calcium stores in the bones and help prevent osteoporosis and other diseases.

Is getting healthier going to be your new year’s resolution?

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