Home Safety Checks: Reducing Your Fall Risks

  • 27 November, 2019

Senior adults are at an increased risk of falling within their home or community settings. Often times such falls can result in hospital admissions, orthopedic surgeries, or even head injuries. However, there are ways to reduce your risk of falling by increasing personal awareness of potential dangers. Recently, my Aunt, who lives in Michigan, fell off a sidewalk while walking her dog, which resulted in a broken hand and the need for surgery to correctly align her fingers. Sadly, this is a common health risk among older adults. However, one way to reduce your fall risk is to conduct a Home Safety Check.

The Home Safety Check includes the following:

  • Write down your daily activities around the home and reenact to observe potential fall risks
  • Remove any items you could trip on such as rugs, floor décor, and pet toys
  • Increase the use of nightlights throughout the hallways as well as bathrooms
  • Retrace your trip to the bathroom at night (with good lighting) and remove any potential trip hazards
  • Be aware of any water spills from plants, sinks, tubs/showers, etc… and dry immediately
  • Take time to assess potential hazards outside your home such as; stairs, uneven pathways and/or deck boards, crowded storage areas, etc…

Falling can result in a significant health decline; therefore, implementing regular Home Safety Checks is essential in maintaining a safe living environment. One way to reduce your fall risk is to replace exterior steps with a ramp. Another potential solution is to install a bath bar in your bathtub or use a shower chair. To assist with your safety inspection process, Happy Heart Home Care provides comprehensive home assessments including safety checks, safety equipment installation needs, and basic home maintenance options.

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