What Happened to The Family Doctor?

  • 24 July, 2020

How many people remember the family doctor who came carrying a black bag and had a familiar face everyone knew?

He knew your parents or grandparents and treated them for their health ailments. He knew you growing up, took care of your sprained joints, sports injuries, knew what work your family did and the stresses in your life. Many times he not only helped your ailments, but gave you wise advice that you admired for years.

Today, some practices have evolved to combine the family approach in treating the whole person with primary care to “Integrated Behavioral Health”. These type of services have better ways to help treat you in your overall primary health care.

Everyday stress, anxiety, adverse behaviors, emotional concerns, or other life circumstances can interfere with your daily life and overall health. The approach of the mind-body-behavior connections can help in order to provide solution-focused care and interventions.

Integrated Behavioral Health helps resolve conditions such as headaches, sleep problems, high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, obesity, or bereavement. When emotional or behavioral issues such as depression, anxiety, or addiction happens, behavioral plans for smoking cessation, weight loss, alcohol/drug use, exercise and lifestyle modifications are integrated for complete help. This type of approach is combined with a primary care doctor to provide a relationship with your best interest in mind.

Appalachian Mountain Community Health Centers welcomes you to let them help provide a Behavioral Health Consultant in person or over the phone to serve as a resource to you and your provider in developing and implementing the best whole person integrated Health care plan for you. Integrated Behavioral Health is available to patients at their facilities and may have copay for individuals with private insurance or Medicare.

Visit their website at amchc.org to find a location near you.

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