What is Tech Neck?

  • 29 July, 2019

This is a new phenomena that is causing a lot of problems. When we have our head forward of our shoulders, it causes pain in the neck, back, arms, hands and even affects the brain.

You might have seen the latest study that shows younger people are getting “horns” at the base of their skulls. Usually this occurs in older people. Science has found that when we have forward head posture the body has to strengthen and support our very heavy head. Since most people are looking down at their phone, iPads, or computers for hours at a time, the natural curve in the neck changes. Now muscles have to support the head instead of the spine. That means pain and distortion in posture. No wonder older people are so bent over. It started a long time ago with the posture of the head and neck. Look how canes and walkers make us lean forward with our heads down.
(insert x-ray pic of horns)

Tech Neck can also alter the blood supply to the brain. Does that contribute to mental decline? Just think by changing our posture, we may keep our brains functioning, remembering names, where the keys put the keys, etc. Share this information with your children and grandchildren so they can prevent Tech Neck.

Getting a Posture Check-up by a Posture Specialist annually is a great way to prevent or correct “Tech Neck”.

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