What is a professional skin therapist and why should you see one? This is a question I hear a lot. A professional skin therapist is a state licensed professional that works with skin. They may be an aesthetician, a master cosmetologist, or an RN. Some professional skin therapists (PST) work in medical clinics, some in wellness centers, and others in spas and solo suites.

There are a variety of reasons you should see a PST. I recommend seeing one quarterly for routine skin maintenance and more often if you are having any issues with your skin. Your PST can work hand in hand with your dermatologist or medical doctor to treat dehydration, sensitivity, breakouts, and more. Even if you see a dermatologist for a yearly skin scan, you should also visit with a PST who has been trained to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

A professional skin therapist takes over 600 hours of classes in anatomy, physiology, skin diseases and disorders, treatment protocols, product ingredients, safety and sanitation, in addition to receiving hands on training using a variety of techniques and machines. They take a state licensure national board written and practical exam in order to earn their license. They also undergo frequent post graduate continuing education to keep up to date with the latest treatment practices and skincare ingredients. Your PST is trained to look at your skin and make recommendations for results-oriented treatments and procedures, so you look and feel your best.

During your visit, your PST you will perform a thorough consultation where they will ask about your homecare regimen and make a detailed examination of your skin. Based on the information they gather from these two processes they will custom design a treatment based on your wants and your skin’s needs. During your treatment you will receive a thorough cleansing, a professional exfoliation of dead skin cells, extractions of clogged pores if needed, a relaxing and therapeutic facial massage, a targeted skin treatment, and moisturization. If you are pressed for time, many PST’s do mini treatments without massage.
Your PST may use electrical or ultrasonic devices to thoroughly cleanse your skin, mechanical exfoliators such as a microdermabrasion machines to exfoliate your skin, and/or brushes. They will also use towels, sponges, and their hands.

When your treatment is over, your PST will go over their findings and make recommendations for home care. Picking out the best products for your skin isn’t easy – if it were, we would all have perfect skin – that is why you need to visit a PST 4 times per year. As the seasons change, your skincare needs change and a professional evaluation and product recommendations will help you keep your skin in it’s best shape.

Your PST must think like a chemist, train like a doctor, listen like a therapist, and make your feel like a million bucks. Visiting with a professional skin therapist is relaxing and educational. Schedule a visit with a skin therapist at Blue Ridge Wellness & Massage today. Your skin is worth it!

by Tina Rice
Master Cosmetologist, Cosmetology Instructor, Dermalogica Expert
Blue Ridge Wellness & Massage