CBD and Your Pets

  • 3 February, 2020

When it comes to your pet, you’d do anything for them.

That’s why when they are in pain and discomfort, relieving that is of your top priority. Using pure CBD oil to aid in the wellness of your pet has been proven highly effective and a more natural resolution compared to expensive medications with risky, undesirable side effects.

We hear a lot about CBD (Cannabidiol) and its use and effectiveness in humans using our internal Endocannabinoid System (ECS). But what you may not realize is that all mammals have an Endocannabinoid system. The ECS is a biological system that is involved in managing a wide variety of biological processes including memory, sleep, immune response and more. The effects of plant-derived CBD are similar in humans, dogs, cats, and even horses.

Some of the most common CBD benefits for dogs and cats are:

• CBD is a powerful pain reliever
• CBD is a known anti-convulsant. One of the best known medicinal uses of CBD is its ability to help control seizures, tremors, tics and spasms.
• CBD is anti-inflammatory. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD are one of the main reasons the compound is so useful in a wide variety of conditions.
• CBD reduces anxiety and stress. Many studies have shown that CBD can help manage the symptoms of a variety of mental conditions, including anxiety, stress, and even specific phobias.
• CBD is anti-emetic. Strong evidence shows that CBD is very successful at controlling nausea and vomiting while also stimulating appetite.
• CBD may slow tumor growth
• CBD promotes homeostasis. Many pet owners choose to use CBD not only as a medicine to treat specific conditions, but as a regular supplement to promote overall health and well-being of their pet.

When choosing a CBD product for your pet, it is important to select a product that has been specifically formulated for use in animals. Many products formulated for human consumption contain ingredients that may be harmful to pets. For example, some gummy products contain xylitol as a sweetener. Xylitol is toxic for dogs.

Pet CBD comes in many forms. The most popular are the CBD oils or CBD-infused treats. Oils can be added to your pet’s food or administered directly in the pet’s mouth and come in many pet-friendly flavors such as bacon, chicken, tuna, even peanut butter. Treats are also a convenient way to get your pet to take their daily dose of CBD. Pet CBD Salves for wounds, hot spots and other skin conditions should be made entirely edible to prevent poisoning. CBD Dosage is dependent on weight and breed and the condition being treated. Small pets may do well with 1mg-4mg doses daily while larger pets can require up to 20mg per dose.

If you are interested in trying CBD for your pet, come by Sweet Releaf in Clarkesville and let us guide you to the best product and dosage for your fur baby.

By: Tracy Pato

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