Pro Motion Rehab now offers a Women’s Health Program providing therapy in a private, discrete and comfortable setting. Our therapists have been trained in pelvic health for women. While coordinating with the referring physician, our goal is to provide one-on-one care and education to help our patients achieve and improved quality of life, exceeding their expectations.

Pro Motion Rehab understands the musculoskeletal conditions many women face. These conditions can include pelvic floor disfunction, incontinence, pelvic pain, bowel/bladder dysfunction, organ prolapse and other postpartum or surgical issues. Whether these conditions are the result of pregnancy, childbirth, chronic constipation, surgery, trauma, aging or another cause, Physical Therapy has shown to be effective for many women.

• Prior to the initial evaluation, the therapist will review any notes provided by the physician.
• At the initial evaluation the patient will undergo a comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation, reviewing the medical history, diagnosis and patient concerns.
• Based on the therapists findings and the physicians recommendations an individualized treatment plan will be developed and goals and the plan implementation will be discussed.
• Patient commitment and participation are an important key to successful therapy. Patients are provided with tools and knowledge to help achieve success.

For more information:
Pro Motion Rehab: 828-837-0400