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Get Away Without Going Away

5 family staycation ideas that won't break your budget Family vacations are a great way to bond and take a step back from the hectic schedules that accompany everyday life, but sometimes time or money (or both) make planning an elaborate trip a non-starter. However, a staycation - a vacation you take right in your hometown (or nearby) - can be much less expensive and fit into nearly any amount of available time with the added bonus of skipping out on potentially stressful travel. Consider these staycation ideas to take advantage of your local area's attractions and prove you don't READ MORE >>

Get Away Without Going Away2022-09-23T10:55:03-04:00

The leaves are falling, but your proactive health measures don’t have to-help protect yourself against pneumococcal pneumonia.

There are many things to enjoy about fall. From cooler temperatures to the colors of the leaves, and all the fun activities that come with the changing of the season, it is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. But along with the changing seasons and a slight chill in the air, come the looming days ahead of increased respiratory infections. This fall, don't let pneumococcal pneumonia get in the way of taking in all the things this season has to offer. Here are some fun, health-oriented activities to try this fall: * Take long walks READ MORE >>

The leaves are falling, but your proactive health measures don’t have to-help protect yourself against pneumococcal pneumonia.2022-09-23T10:50:19-04:00

MedLink Georgia: How the mission of providing essential medical care to underserved populations is more vital than ever.

While many Americans might befocused on the cost of their ownhealth care or concerned about therising cost in healthcare expenses, itis safe to bet that a majority alsomight not know much about thehealth center, known as MedLinkGeorgia, that has been trying toimprove the health of NortheastGeorgia communities since 1979. Federally Qualified Health Centers, like MedLink Georgia, provide health care for patients that need it most, whether it be in underserved areas in rural Georgia or for low-income areas where patients might not otherwise be able to afford the care they need. These centers have been the backbone of the health READ MORE >>

MedLink Georgia: How the mission of providing essential medical care to underserved populations is more vital than ever.2022-09-23T10:57:32-04:00

6 Exercise Safety Tips

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans are more aware of their health and wellness. Now, as social restrictions ease, you may find yourself stepping up your workouts, whether you're training for an event or working to improve your game in a recreational league. Sprains, strains and injuries can happen to even the most seasoned athletes. When you're testing your limits, even a minor injury can alter your performance. Consider products and supports like these from the CURAD Performance Series product line, available at Walmart and Amazon, to help you get back in the game quickly and safely. READ MORE >>

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Using Your Mouth as an Indicator of Whole-Body Health

Poor oral health is common among American adults. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 65 million Americans have periodontitis, the most advanced form of periodontal disease. According to Harvard Medical School, people with periodontal disease have been found to be at higher risk for cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease and dementia. Incorporating measures to help protect you from serious health conditions becomes increasingly important as you age. However, many people overlook a key contributor to whole body health: the mouth. The health of your mouth is directly related to important aspects of your overall health. Bad READ MORE >>

Using Your Mouth as an Indicator of Whole-Body Health2022-07-18T13:03:37-04:00

5 ways to help keep your home pest-free

Nothing beats spending time in your backyard or opening all the windows in the summer for some fresh air. However, the warmer weather also brings about prime bug season, meaning you'll likely have uninvited guests in and around your home. If you've struggled with unwanted pests in the past, you're not alone. According to a survey by The Harris Poll, 85% of homeowners in the past year reported seeing or having trouble with pests inside their homes such as ants, mosquitoes, spiders and cockroaches. So, what can you do to help protect your house from infestation? Check out these five READ MORE >>

5 ways to help keep your home pest-free2022-07-18T12:46:53-04:00

Pain Management through Physical Therapy

Physical therapy tackles the physical side of the inflammation, stiffness, and soreness with exercise, manipulation, and massage, but it also works to help the body heal itself by encouraging the production of the body's natural pain-relieving chemicals. Here's how physical therapists manage pain: Exercise - Physical therapists can prescribe exercise specific to your goal and need. Manual Therapy - From carpal tunnel syndrome to low back pain, this type of care can effectively reduce your pain and improve your movement. Our Physical therapists use joint and soft tissue mobilizations as well as other strategies in your care. Education - Our READ MORE >>

Pain Management through Physical Therapy2022-07-11T13:34:25-04:00

Skin Cancer Prevention

Summer 2022 is finally here and many of us have never anticipated a season more in our lives. Coronavirus numbers are finally down, and many have protected themselves with the COVID vaccine which makes it safer to get back to vacations, social gatherings, cook outs and the lake! Since we are venturing back into the glorious sun, we could all use a reminder about preventing sunburns from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. I commonly hear about “getting that first sunburn of the summer” but just 5 sunburns double your risk for skin cancer. Prolonged direct UV ray exposure is by READ MORE >>

Skin Cancer Prevention2022-05-18T18:21:00-04:00

How to Choose Quality Vitamins and Supplements

More than half of Americans take an over-the-counter vitamin or dietary supplement, but many may not realize that the quality of these products can vary greatly. Because supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration like other medicines, not all are quality products. When choosing a vitamin or other supplement, checking for independent verification can help ensure quality. A recent study in the "Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine" found that the amount of actual melatonin in 71% of supplements is off by a 10% margin, meaning that labels of many melatonin substances do not accurately reflect how much READ MORE >>

How to Choose Quality Vitamins and Supplements2022-05-18T15:13:42-04:00

How movement can spark connections and help manage osteoarthritis pain

If you're coping with pain, such as joint pain caused by osteoarthritis (OA), you may feel like you've been sitting out on life. Pain can make you reluctant to participate in activities that you enjoy and miss out on connecting with those you love. But experts will tell you that if you can move, even just a little more than you do now, you will reap benefits well beyond the physical. "Movement is not just a powerful and effective tool for pain management," says personal trainer Pete McCall, NASM-CPT, PES, and Voltaren spokesperson. "Movement also brings people together. Getting out READ MORE >>

How movement can spark connections and help manage osteoarthritis pain2022-05-18T15:10:18-04:00
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