6 tips for reducing your out-of-pocket medication costs

  • 30 January, 2019

(BPT) – When you’re sick, the last thing that you want to worry about is how you’re going to pay for your critical medical treatment. Even if you have health … Continue Reading →

Understanding Insurance Benefits

  • 30 January, 2019

(Family Features) No matter where you are in life, whether you’re just starting your career or nearing retirement, it’s important to understand the voluntary benefits available to you that can … Continue Reading →

Here are 5 reasons to make better health and fitness your resolution for 2019!

  • 29 November, 2018

The New Year is right around the corner! And now comes the time for resolutions. We all do it, start the year with the best of intentions. But rather than … Continue Reading →

Spotlight on Theatre

  • 28 November, 2018

North Georgia is proud to announce a show near you soon… thanks to many outstanding performances from our local and community theater groups, musicians, singers, and guest talent from the … Continue Reading →

Winter weatherproofing: Preparing your home to stay safe and save energy

  • 28 November, 2018

The heat will certainly be on this winter. With winter storms hitting many parts of the country early in the winter season, furnaces are plugging away, causing heating bills across … Continue Reading →

Winter allergies: The allergies you didn’t know you could have

  • 28 November, 2018

When temperatures get below freezing, people with seasonal allergies to grass, tree and weed pollens get well-deserved relief from their symptoms. But if you’re still sneezing and blowing your nose … Continue Reading →

‘It’s just a cough’: Warning signs of bigger issues as you age

  • 28 November, 2018

Dry skin. Tingling feet. An aching shoulder. A lingering cough. Blurry vision. Our bodies often send out signals when something needs attention. And as we age, it can be hard … Continue Reading →

Holiday Foods with Heightened Flavor

  • 28 November, 2018

Holiday hosting is all about providing guests a cozy atmosphere, good company and, quite often most importantly, food that tastes as good as it looks. While mixing and matching quality … Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Support Your Community this Holiday Season

  • 28 November, 2018

Each year, the true spirit of the holidays can seem to get buried further beneath mountains of wrapping paper and drowned out by commercialism. However, when it comes to the … Continue Reading →

Popping Up Sweet Fall Treats

  • 30 September, 2018

When it’s time for a sweet treat, look for seasonal goodies that complement fun fall activities. For example, reach for an option like whole-grain, fluffy and crisp popcorn which can … Continue Reading →